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What Building Inspectors Check

You may be wondering why you need to hire an inspector to come in and do a building inspection before you buy a house or commercial building. After all, what is stopping you from looking around the premises and see for yourself what might be wrong with the house or building? Well, in a nutshell, you need to hire a building inspector because he/she has the experience and training. The trained expert will go beyond what you can see with your untrained eyes. They have both the skills and the necessary tools to inspect a building thoroughly and produce a competent inspection report. The inspection report will help you decide once you go through the findings. Below are a few things in a building inspector’s checklist.


The Landscape


You may have probably inspected the landscape of a building you are considering buying; you noted the garden is well manicured, but the trees need trimming. Well, that is something you can do after buying the property. But that is not the kind of inspection the building inspector will do when it comes to landscape inspections. The expert will look at the lay of the land as it affects the structural integrity of the building or home. How is the drainage? Are there reasons to suspect a sinkhole or some natural phenomenon that could cause problems later? Hire a building inspector and get answers before you can commit your money.




As a potential buyer, when you visit a home or building for sale, you will look for any visible leaks. On the other hand, a building inspector will do more than that. Water is among the most damaging elements to a building or home, and so it is essential to know if it is creating problems in the building structure. It means looking for dampness in the usual places such as walls and basement. It means paying attention to the “wet rooms”, i.e., the kitchen, laundry room, and the bathroom. The inspector will look for any areas where mould is developing.





A crack in the wall is no reason to write off potentially purchasing a property. Cracks happen, and they can either be benign or severe. A hairline crack around a window or door could be nothing to worry about and nothing that a little putty cannot handle. It does not look great aesthetically, but it is not a major structural concern. However, a crack that follows up through the brickwork could be a severe issue. Only a building inspector will know the difference and advice you accordingly.



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