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Custom versus Production Home Building

Planning your new home requires a lot of thinking and decision-making. There are more than enough questions to answer and things to cover. It is by far the most significant investment you’re making in your life, and with that in mind, there is no room for errors and mistakes. One of those questions that need an answer is whether you choose a custom or production home builder. There are advantages if you pick custom home builders Adelaide and the same goes for production contractors. To fully understand what those two options have in store for you, read the breakdown of expectations below:

What Production Builders Offer

Production-based home builders are the most common. They offer services like building home and land as a package. For the most part, many of them provide their prospective clients a limited range of house plans, with each one carrying a distinct set of features that separate it from the test. Accordingly, these builders also give their buyers the liberty to choose a design, although there’s a limit based on the brochure they provide. A production-based home builder is willing to build homes priced for the first time, but they also cater to those who are buying luxury homes.

The Custom Home Builder

Meanwhile, a custom home builder differs to that of a production-based type in a way that the former builds customised homes with no pre-defined choices or options. As the term suggests, a custom home does not have any pre-existing features or tie-ups with the land. Instead, the idea is for custom home builders Adelaide to let the future owner choose where to build the house and how it must look. As a prospective owner, you carry the option of supplying a floor plan or if not, request the creation of some floor plans for you to choose.

Furthermore, the beauty of opting for a custom home builder is that you have the right to work with an architect and builder of your choice. If not, you also can choose your own design-build company, which is more convenient for some considering that such a company caters both the architectural design and house construction. It is clear that with the custom home building, you have active participation in the building process; it’s like having a significant contribution to building the house from the ground up.

But you do have to understand that in the custom home building process, you pay more for the house with the same dimensions or size to that of a production model. The reason is that the custom home builder does not own the convenience of labour and scale efficiency. But if your primary objective is building a home that’s unique to you, then the best option is undoubtedly a custom home builder.